Our Services for Corporates


We understand that Book-keeping is a time consuming process, however it is a vital process that you need to carry out to keep your business operating properly and to UK regulations. If you are looking to continue managing your day to day book-keeping but just want some upfront information on the best services and systems available we can assist here to and advice on best options available depending on your business size etc.

Book-keeping is essential to help see the progress of your business as well as general cash flow, not only that it can help ensure you don’t incur any HM Revenue & Customs penalties.

VAT Return

This is how you work out how much you need to pay HM Revenue & Customs and by failing to submit the VAT Return can incur penalties to your business. It is a summary of your sales and output tax as well as your total purchases, against which, some VAT may be claimed back.

We can help you compete the VAT Return form and identify any tax you must pay as well as help you identify any purchases you have made that would be entitled to a rebate. We can also talk you through the different Tax point system and rules that apply to different styles of payments.

Our VAT services ensure that your VAT returns are submitted on time allowing you to continue to manage your day to day business needs as well as ensure not only have you paid up the correct tax amounts but also that you receive the tax rebates that you’re entitled to.


Like many other financial admin process, payroll is time consuming yet vitally important to your business. By working with us we can help you make this process more time efficient and set up a more automated system allowing you to spend more managing other areas of your business.

Working with us is simple, we just ask for a few pieces of information such as salaries and working hours and we can go away and do all the hard work for you! As part of our service we can produce payslips, file your returns as well as provide the relevant documentation to your book-keeper (if you don’t use us for your book-keeping!)

We are also on-hand for long-term payroll management and can assist you if employee information changes and affects their payroll info. Where applicable we can also assist in providing P45’s and P60’s – as part of our all round Payroll service.

Corporation TAX

Unfortunately there is a tax applied to your business’ profits, as well as your investment profits. There are different rates depending on your turnover levels, we will outline where you business falls and what rate applies to you.

Don’t let your corporation tax slip – it is a legal requirement, we are here to help and can file all the relevant paperwork for you. Not only that, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise where we may even be able to reduce your total corporate tax depending on other business circumstances.

Business Planning

Business plans are vast, and cover everything from financials to marketing and for this reason can be overwhelming; however with our help you can create an accurate and succinct plan that will not only help clarify a plan of action in your head, but also ensure that you have a strong position when going to other parties for investment if needed.

Whether it’s market research or financial projection that you need help with, we’ve got it covered. We’re fully aware of all the items that are required in a business plan and will ensure that no detail is missed or not thought through.

Once a business plan is in place, we will help you analyse and review it, making sure that your business idea is not only viable, but also stands in good steed to be a great success. The great thing about business plans is that they’re adaptable, and as you start to put your plan into place, if you find circumstances change or avenues your venture down change, your business plan can be adapted tor reflect this to ensure you’ve always got an accurate documents to refer back to.

By working with us to develop your business plan we’re positive we can help you create a plan that can do the following:

Secure additional investment / financial support to develop your business.
Work as a clear reference point to be able to monitor progress and success of your business.
Create accurate financial projections.

Cashflow Forecasting

We can’t stress the importance of cashflow forecasting and management, it’s what helps keep business alive and key to ensuring longevity of your business. It can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start, or something that even if you start doing it can quickly fall behind if you don’t keep on top of it, which is where we come in! We have experts who know what figures to analyse to help identify patterns in your outgoings and incomings to predict peaks and troughs of your business’ accounts.

This type of information is also vital for people such as stakeholders and investors, who may want access to such information at any given moment, or for new investors to help confirm their decision to invest in your business. By working with us and taking advantage of our cashflow forecasting service, we are on hand to monitor this for you and can quickly and easily share our latest results with whoever may need them.

If you’re a start up or an established business, we will sit down with you and list out the items that you need to be recording as part of your cashflow management. We will then get the relevant figures and data from you and start to map this out for you to show you any seasonal variations in your spending, or if you’re a start up look to predict these for you. Once we can get some patterns in place we can start to continue to repeat these patterns and develop your forecast.

We endeavour to explain these processes as simply and easily as possible to help ensure that nothing is too overwhelming and that you continue to understand what the figures and the diagrams represent.